Our Services

About MRI

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) has become a preferred method for diagnosing potential problems in many different parts of the body. While x-rays are best for showing bones, MRI creates pictures that can show differences between healthy and unhealthy tissue – like organs, muscle, cartilage, ligaments, and tendons in many parts of the body. That means MRI is helpful when looking at the brain, heart, spinal column, breast, abdomen, pelvic region and joints.

About Ultrasound

Our new and highly advanced Hitachi Hi-Vision 5500 provides the most advanced ultrasound images available. The exam is a short and pain-free procedure conducted in our newly decorated facility. Our advanced system performs routine and high-risk obstetrical and gynecological exams. Additionally, general abdominal examinations, color Doppler, Angiography and 3D renderings are performed using this system.

About Digital X-Ray

Our system allows us to perform a full range of table, wall-stand, wheelchair and stretcher exams. Image quality is outstanding, particularly with our new AGFA-CR. that produces digital images which enhance the quality of the X-Ray.

About Mammography

Mammography has proven to be the best way to find breast cancer in the very early stages, before symptoms occur and when the cure rates are very high. In fact, a recent 5-year detection study involving 280,000 women showed that mammography, more than any other method, was able to find cancers before they had spread beyond the breast. Mammography uses extremely minimal levels of radiation to create an image of the breast. The procedure is performed by a specially trained technologist and is interpreted by a radiologist who will report the results to your healthcare provider.